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Long Term Health Care
Long Term Health Care
Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Health Care Long term care is the assistance one needs in case of a lengthy illness, disability or cognitive impairment.

If you are over the age of fifty, chances are your parents never heard of this type of insurance, not only because it didn’t exist, but because there was no need for it. Families were large, and there was always someone home to attend to the needs of an elderly parent. Families tended to live in close proximity, so respite for the primary care giver was always close at hand.

In today’s frenetic society, where most people work or go to school, attending to the needs of elderly parents can be devastating to the care giver
physically, emotionally and financially. In addition, families today are for the most part separated by long distances, increasing the burden on the primary care giver.

Most of us fail to consider the possible need for prolonged supervised care at home or in a nursing facility, because we feel that long term care is for the elderly. However, you could find yourself in need of costly long term care services at any age or time.

Studies show that half the population may need some form of long term care during their lifetime. Currently, 40% of individuals receiving such care are under the age of 65. It is thus prudent to purchase Long Term Care Insurance at any age.

Once qualified, you will be able to receive the necessary funding required for care at home or at a nursing facility.
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Long Term Care Ontario
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